About me

Hi friends,
Would love to share a few words about who i am??
Am basically an MBA graduate from Coimbatore,who after marriage had to care of my family and had huge commitments.Situations did not permit me to take over my passions.Now that i got settled down in Bangalore,have huge opportunities to learn,learn and learn as much as i can.
But there are a few people who would love to do something but won't have the opportunity to go out and explore.I would like to be a platform for this crowd to share whatever i have learned spending my value time and money .
I do have been browsing constantly to find the exact ways of doing things either be it painting or cooking or the search for lyrics...
I almost have lost my patience in searching things on how to do??
So friends have started this blog to share each and everything in a clear cut manner to make things easier and effective.
I have been browsing so many sites,videos and also blogs to get the information on the ways of doing arts.i have attended few classes on Mural work and now have pursued my love for drawing.
Would love to get your comments if you really think you have benefited from my article.This gives me a lot of motivation and encouragement to post more and more work
Hope you would love my blog!!
Will try to keep this forum active :)
If you have any queries on my work feel free to mail me at manjumba@gmail.com
Have a Nice Day Folks!!!!!!!!