Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Panner Makkanwala

Panner Makkanwala
 I dont have any idea about the history of the name behind Makkanwala.But want to prepare an easy version of the Panner Butter Masala.Here this recipe is the one that i got it from a TV Show.Very very easy.Just that you have to grind all the ingredients together and fry it along with panner.It tastes very good and it is delicious too :)Goes very well with chappathis,fulka and rotis.My son loves this ;)


To Grind:
Tomatoes- 5
Garlic-6 Cloves
Ginger-1 inch
Curry Leaves- Little
Coriender Leaves-Little
Grated Coconut-1 Tbsp
Red Chillies-2
Poppy Seeds- 2 Spoons
Cinnamon- 1 inch
Salt-as required
Chilli Powder-as required
Dhania Powder-2 tsps
Oil -For Deep Frying
Butter -2 Tbsp
Panner-1 Packet
Sugar-2 tsps                  

How to prepare??
1.Deep Fry the panner in a kadai.Try to add more oil so that it does not stick on to the Kadai.Fry until it turns brown.
2. Grind the masala given above without adding water.
3.In a pan add 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp oil and add the ground masala and fry until oil separates.
4.Now add the fried panner cubes and again add 1 Tbsp butter to it along with little water u washed off the mixie.Add sugar to it based on your sweetness level.
5.Now reduce the flame and leave it for few mins.
6.Stir it constantly.
7.Remove it from fire and garnish it with Coriender leaves