Friday, August 19, 2011

Chocolate Making

This chocolate making i got an opportunity to learn professionally.Initially i wanted to start off with simple chocolates.So the easiest one is Orange Flavoured Chocolate.It is very easy,just that you require the ingredients.Would luv to share the recipe on how i did this :)

Dark Chocolate---50 gm
Milk Chocolate---50 gm
Orange Flavor-2-3 drops
Moulds(any shapes)
Colour Papers
Microwavable bowls-2

How to do Orange Flavored Chocolate??

1.Take the dark Chocolate in a bowl and melt it for 30 sec(Dark chococlate melts easily)
2.Again melt the Milk chocolate in another bowl for 30 min (Milk chocolate melts little late)
3.See the consistency
4.Dont melt too much rather melt it until there is no lumps and mix it thoroughly
5.Now mix both the chocolates together
6.See to it that there are no lumps again
7.Now add the Orange Flavour 2-3 drops
8.Mix it well again
9.Take the moulds using spoon/Butter paper fill it with the mixture
10.Tap the moulds to the surface..nicely so that there is no bumps in it.
11.Now refrigerate it for around 10 min
12.Your Orange Flavored Chocolate is ready ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Warli Paintings

These are the Warli Paintings that i did for my sons bday party as a Return Gift.It was quite easy.As i am new to colours and painting did some few mistakes in the colour combos.Hope it is liked by everyone :)
These Pics i did it with Handmade paper,Trace paper,Black Marker,Acrylic colours,Poster Colours and Brushes

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to do Madhubani Peacock??

Madhubani Peacocks

Hi friends,

This is my second try in Madhubani....
I loved doing each and every detailing in this picture
and my god the colours are really amazing ....would love to do more and more works in this...
Would love to share with u on how i did this
Handmade paper
Poster colours
Trace paper
Carbon Paper
More Patience ;)
and a madhubani design...there are n numbers in the net ...find out the one u love to do
How to do???
1.Draw the design in the trace paper.... u can erase and do as many times till u get the rite picture..
outline alone is fine....detatiling is not required

2.i used a yellow carbon paper for this as black carbon spoils my work .this black ink spreads all over wen i trace

3.then i drew the details in pencil all over.

4.Now for the colours i used poster colours

5.As am new to painting and stuff i struggled initially to get colours

For orange colour -Red+yellow
For skin colour -Yellow ochre+white(i found it perfect ) u can see the colour in my madhubani bride painting

hope it helps

6.Now after finishing the whole work i used black marker pen that u use for writing on the CD  for outlining

7.Now my madubani peacocks are ready ... it appox took 5-6 hrs to finish :)

Have a nice day Folks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Warli Paintings

Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to do Madhubani Painting???

Madubani Painting 
(Folk Art of Bihar)
Long time ago, at the time of Ramayana,King Janak,Sita's father asked the artists of Mithila region in Bihar to do a painting of his Daughter's Marriage to Lord Rama.This is how te tradition of Madhubani also called Mithila painting started.

It was earlier done on walls,but now people do it on paper and cloth.the colours were made from plants.The motifs were from nature and mytilogical events and themes revolved around Hindu deities and natural objects like sun,moon etc.,
This style of painting does not leave any empty space.The gaps are filled with flowers,animals or any geometrical patterns.Traditionally , madhubani painting was taught by mothers to their daughters,but now everyone does it.

You will require:
Handmade paper (better to go for plain rather than textured)
Black Marker (for outlining)
Trace paper
Carbon Paper
Poster Colours
Brushes(2-3 brushes of different sizes)preferably 000 brush

How to do ???
1.Trace the design/or the required design you want ...any madhubani design is fine.
2.Now in the handmade paper draw the border using pencil or straight away with marker or trace it
3.Trace the whole picture using Carbon sheet.(Here i used a black carbon paper)
4.Now i did the border using the marker for the whole picture.
5.Finally i coloured it using poster colours.
6.Madhubani painting is done.