Friday, November 18, 2011

Charcoal Work

This has been my first charcoal work...
I am just loving the work that i get out of charcoal...
This picture is inspiring me to do more and more works...
Hope i get some time :)
Here i have used a handmade paper with black charcoal
Intricate details i have done using colour well as charcoal pencil..
it has almost taken 3 hours for me to complete it on the whole...

It is quite easy to do a work in charcoal..but one should know the exact way of using it...
There are wide variety of forms in charcoal...any medium can be used,either a pencil or a stick..
Will soon try to post a tutorial on this..
Do leave ur comments and suggestions..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pencil Shading Portraits

Now i have been drawing portrait pictures...
it takes a lot of time to draw and to shade these pictures...
Am trying to give my maximum reality to the pictures..hope i succeed in this ..

Colour Pencil Work

Colour Pencils....

The word colours itself brings happiness to us...and when you try to explore something with colours its like wow...amazing..
My class work is now on shading with colour pencils...and am loving it...wanted to explore more in this area
The final finish with colour pencils is awesome..

This has been my first colour pencil work and will work on more pics.
Here i have used Faber Casell Colour Pencils with 36 shades..
It took almost more than 2 hours on and off to finish this work ..
The above pic is worked on a leather can get it in any of the stationary shop

One more Colour Pencil Work
Colours Used:

Pink,Crimson Red,Violet,Blue
And have used Dry pastels for the Background

For the Above pic i have used mostly dark brown,all shades of green ,magenta,violet,all shades of yellow..

First Colour Pencil Portrait

Have tried something...not upto the mark...Will try to keep posted on better pics...