Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tanjore Painting

My Recent Tanjore Painting Work


It has been more than 2 weeks since i started going for the classes...
Tanjore painting requires hell a lot of patience and also requires proper guidance,else wise it is a precious art work..
Eagerly waiting for the final finish of the work and will soon post it
Steps involved:

1.Board Preparation
2.Gopi Work
3.First level muck work
4.Second level muck work
5.Stone Work
6.Gold Foil work
7.Painting Work
8.Stone Work

Final Picture:


  1. congrats on your hard work. we want to see the finished product soon.

  2. Thank u farah ...will keep u posted

  3. beautiful work.. i have also learned tanjore painting .would it be possible for you to share the outline for this painting . would be of great help
    my email id is sridharanitha@gmail.com
    i intend to do this in 15 X 12
    is it the same size as yours

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