Monday, December 12, 2011

Water colour Bird

My first Watercolour bird Tuscan..though not professional have given it a try..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Charcoal Work

This has been my first charcoal work...
I am just loving the work that i get out of charcoal...
This picture is inspiring me to do more and more works...
Hope i get some time :)
Here i have used a handmade paper with black charcoal
Intricate details i have done using colour well as charcoal pencil..
it has almost taken 3 hours for me to complete it on the whole...

It is quite easy to do a work in charcoal..but one should know the exact way of using it...
There are wide variety of forms in charcoal...any medium can be used,either a pencil or a stick..
Will soon try to post a tutorial on this..
Do leave ur comments and suggestions..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pencil Shading Portraits

Now i have been drawing portrait pictures...
it takes a lot of time to draw and to shade these pictures...
Am trying to give my maximum reality to the pictures..hope i succeed in this ..

Colour Pencil Work

Colour Pencils....

The word colours itself brings happiness to us...and when you try to explore something with colours its like wow...amazing..
My class work is now on shading with colour pencils...and am loving it...wanted to explore more in this area
The final finish with colour pencils is awesome..

This has been my first colour pencil work and will work on more pics.
Here i have used Faber Casell Colour Pencils with 36 shades..
It took almost more than 2 hours on and off to finish this work ..
The above pic is worked on a leather can get it in any of the stationary shop

One more Colour Pencil Work
Colours Used:

Pink,Crimson Red,Violet,Blue
And have used Dry pastels for the Background

For the Above pic i have used mostly dark brown,all shades of green ,magenta,violet,all shades of yellow..

First Colour Pencil Portrait

Have tried something...not upto the mark...Will try to keep posted on better pics...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pencil Shading

My Pencil Shading work

Pencil Shading is what i started off to learn on basics of drawing and shading and am just loving eats lot of my time.. but the output you get is just awesome..
anybody can try to do this basic pencil shading....
Will keep on posting more on this...
and thank u so much for all those wonderful ppl around me who are constantly supporting and encouraging my works...especially my husband....
Also would love to thank my Drawing Sir Mr.Murugendran for helping me so much.
These pictures are drawn from Pencil shading books published by Navneet Publishers

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Water colour painting

This is my first water colour painting ....
Have tried it using the Monochrome type...
With Camel water colours,Size 1,6,10 brushes and the colours that i have used here is Black+Yellow Ochre+Burnt Sienna+Sap green
Its not tht great but would love to share my first attempt on this work

Note: Here i have used a handmade paper
Hope i keep posting some interesting pics on Water colours

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tanjore Painting

My Recent Tanjore Painting Work


It has been more than 2 weeks since i started going for the classes...
Tanjore painting requires hell a lot of patience and also requires proper guidance,else wise it is a precious art work..
Eagerly waiting for the final finish of the work and will soon post it
Steps involved:

1.Board Preparation
2.Gopi Work
3.First level muck work
4.Second level muck work
5.Stone Work
6.Gold Foil work
7.Painting Work
8.Stone Work

Final Picture:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Chocolate Making

This chocolate making i got an opportunity to learn professionally.Initially i wanted to start off with simple chocolates.So the easiest one is Orange Flavoured Chocolate.It is very easy,just that you require the ingredients.Would luv to share the recipe on how i did this :)

Dark Chocolate---50 gm
Milk Chocolate---50 gm
Orange Flavor-2-3 drops
Moulds(any shapes)
Colour Papers
Microwavable bowls-2

How to do Orange Flavored Chocolate??

1.Take the dark Chocolate in a bowl and melt it for 30 sec(Dark chococlate melts easily)
2.Again melt the Milk chocolate in another bowl for 30 min (Milk chocolate melts little late)
3.See the consistency
4.Dont melt too much rather melt it until there is no lumps and mix it thoroughly
5.Now mix both the chocolates together
6.See to it that there are no lumps again
7.Now add the Orange Flavour 2-3 drops
8.Mix it well again
9.Take the moulds using spoon/Butter paper fill it with the mixture
10.Tap the moulds to the surface..nicely so that there is no bumps in it.
11.Now refrigerate it for around 10 min
12.Your Orange Flavored Chocolate is ready ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Warli Paintings

These are the Warli Paintings that i did for my sons bday party as a Return Gift.It was quite easy.As i am new to colours and painting did some few mistakes in the colour combos.Hope it is liked by everyone :)
These Pics i did it with Handmade paper,Trace paper,Black Marker,Acrylic colours,Poster Colours and Brushes

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to do Madhubani Peacock??

Madhubani Peacocks

Hi friends,

This is my second try in Madhubani....
I loved doing each and every detailing in this picture
and my god the colours are really amazing ....would love to do more and more works in this...
Would love to share with u on how i did this
Handmade paper
Poster colours
Trace paper
Carbon Paper
More Patience ;)
and a madhubani design...there are n numbers in the net ...find out the one u love to do
How to do???
1.Draw the design in the trace paper.... u can erase and do as many times till u get the rite picture..
outline alone is fine....detatiling is not required

2.i used a yellow carbon paper for this as black carbon spoils my work .this black ink spreads all over wen i trace

3.then i drew the details in pencil all over.

4.Now for the colours i used poster colours

5.As am new to painting and stuff i struggled initially to get colours

For orange colour -Red+yellow
For skin colour -Yellow ochre+white(i found it perfect ) u can see the colour in my madhubani bride painting

hope it helps

6.Now after finishing the whole work i used black marker pen that u use for writing on the CD  for outlining

7.Now my madubani peacocks are ready ... it appox took 5-6 hrs to finish :)

Have a nice day Folks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Warli Paintings

Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to do Madhubani Painting???

Madubani Painting 
(Folk Art of Bihar)
Long time ago, at the time of Ramayana,King Janak,Sita's father asked the artists of Mithila region in Bihar to do a painting of his Daughter's Marriage to Lord Rama.This is how te tradition of Madhubani also called Mithila painting started.

It was earlier done on walls,but now people do it on paper and cloth.the colours were made from plants.The motifs were from nature and mytilogical events and themes revolved around Hindu deities and natural objects like sun,moon etc.,
This style of painting does not leave any empty space.The gaps are filled with flowers,animals or any geometrical patterns.Traditionally , madhubani painting was taught by mothers to their daughters,but now everyone does it.

You will require:
Handmade paper (better to go for plain rather than textured)
Black Marker (for outlining)
Trace paper
Carbon Paper
Poster Colours
Brushes(2-3 brushes of different sizes)preferably 000 brush

How to do ???
1.Trace the design/or the required design you want ...any madhubani design is fine.
2.Now in the handmade paper draw the border using pencil or straight away with marker or trace it
3.Trace the whole picture using Carbon sheet.(Here i used a black carbon paper)
4.Now i did the border using the marker for the whole picture.
5.Finally i coloured it using poster colours.
6.Madhubani painting is done.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Warli Tree of life

Warli Tree of Life...
This picture was an inspirational one.
Anjali Vaidhya is the person who did the painting of this picture and am happy that i made some justice to the work .Thank u Anjali
One should have lot of patience while doing this...
Lot of small small details...
I used a textured white handmadepaper,poster colours for this
Just take a theme in warli as i did and work on it... it takes a lot of time to give a perfect finish though mine is not one :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Warli Peacock

Its a Warli Peacock.After a long trial and error version i got to do this work.This work is done on a Handmade paper using Acrylic Colours.

Blue Handmade paper
000 Brush
White Acrylic  Colour
Trace Paper
White Carbon Paper
Warli Design (u will find many in net)

How to do ??
1.Initially i drew the design on to the trace paper

2.Then i traced it using a white carbon sheet on to the Handmade paper.

3.After i traced it i used a nib to draw the wings of the peacock to get perfect lines.

4.You get these kind of nibs in the stationary shops.

5.I dipped the nib point in the white acrylic colour and gradually drew the lines of the peacock wings.

6.Draw very patiently eats your time

7.I painted the tree using acrylic white colour 000 brush.

8.Its done..

9.Here i preferred acrylic colour  for a shining finish..poster colours can also be used.

10.Shake the paint bottles before you use it because sometimes the colour and the water content is separate .to get the perfect colour shake welll...

11.The pic is done

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to do Warli Painting ????

Warli painting ....
Ever since i started to learn warli it has been a flop show..Though it seems to be simple... i had a very tough time on it .I just wanted to post this as it would help someone like me who is new to warli.

Very new beginners here it goes
1.Canvas/Handmade paper
Note 1 :handmade paper are of n number of varieties.. get one tht has a flat surface or to put it straight it shld resemble like a plain paper without ups and downs.
For Canvas no issues
2.Acrylic colours/Fabric colours/Poster colours
3.000 Brush
4.Trace paper(if required ) u can do a free hand drawing or else trace the design or draw the required desigh on trace paper and use it
5.Carbon sheet
Note 2 : There are so many colour carbon sheets available in the market so colour of ur choice
6.Warli nib
Note 3:This i got to see in a video tht fine lines are drawn using big and small warli nibs
7.Drawing Ink
Note 4:This also i got to see from the same video that they use this drawing ink for drawing human beings with warli nib.they dip the nib in this ink and draw

In Case of canvas board do give a base colour for the board.
Here for me the base colour is Crimson colour
One of my friend suggested me to give a little lighter shade first on the board and then go for a darker shade
Try to do it evenly else some places will be dark and some will be light.
Better not to mix water else it looks very light ..
Apply the colour straight

For the trace
There are so many designs available on the net .. try to search and based on ur liking either see the design and draw or else trace it

So now the canvas is ready ,trace is ready

Carbon sheet
Here am using Crimson colour as the base and the tribes in White colour so u have to take a white carbon sheet .Pls for heaven sake dont use black colour it spoiled my work for the first try.Even white colour carbon on a dark base colour is risky.

As per experienced ppl suggestion is to do a free hand drawing ,trace can be done for tough work

Do the tribal work patterns using 0 /00/000 brush

Initially go with simple designs

FYI:Keep checking ,will try to update as much as information i get on doing a better warli ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mural Work wall hanging

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mural work Name Board

Mural work Name plate

Monday, April 25, 2011

Idli/Dosa Batter

After 4 long years of marriage and continuous efforts and loads and loads of trial and errors now am proud that am able to make pretty good idlis and dosas
Here goes the recipe
Ingredients for soaking
Idli Rice-5 Cups
Ulundhu -3/4 of a cup
Vendhayam -3 tsp +2 tsp
Poha -3 tbsp

First Take the idli rice and soak it for nearly 4 hrs.
Also along with this in a separate bowl add Ulundhu and vendayam and soak it for same 4 hrs
After 4 hrs wash thhe idli rice and its ready to grind
Whereas the ulundhu after 3 and a half hours wash it and add poha to it and soak it with little water and its ready for grinding after 4 hrs

Now while grinding first gring the ulundhu
While adding it in the grinder add 2 tsp of vendhayam again ...
Grind it niceely until the ulundu become like a ball

Now after removing it from the grinder add the idli rice and pour sufficient amount of water and grind it fine...

it might take 1/2 hr
After tht mix both the ulundu and rice together nicely adding salt

wait for the next day
Soooper doooper idlis and dosas are ready to make