Monday, April 25, 2011

Idli/Dosa Batter

After 4 long years of marriage and continuous efforts and loads and loads of trial and errors now am proud that am able to make pretty good idlis and dosas
Here goes the recipe
Ingredients for soaking
Idli Rice-5 Cups
Ulundhu -3/4 of a cup
Vendhayam -3 tsp +2 tsp
Poha -3 tbsp

First Take the idli rice and soak it for nearly 4 hrs.
Also along with this in a separate bowl add Ulundhu and vendayam and soak it for same 4 hrs
After 4 hrs wash thhe idli rice and its ready to grind
Whereas the ulundhu after 3 and a half hours wash it and add poha to it and soak it with little water and its ready for grinding after 4 hrs

Now while grinding first gring the ulundhu
While adding it in the grinder add 2 tsp of vendhayam again ...
Grind it niceely until the ulundu become like a ball

Now after removing it from the grinder add the idli rice and pour sufficient amount of water and grind it fine...

it might take 1/2 hr
After tht mix both the ulundu and rice together nicely adding salt

wait for the next day
Soooper doooper idlis and dosas are ready to make