Thursday, July 28, 2011

Warli Tree of life

Warli Tree of Life...
This picture was an inspirational one.
Anjali Vaidhya is the person who did the painting of this picture and am happy that i made some justice to the work .Thank u Anjali
One should have lot of patience while doing this...
Lot of small small details...
I used a textured white handmadepaper,poster colours for this
Just take a theme in warli as i did and work on it... it takes a lot of time to give a perfect finish though mine is not one :)


  1. Loved all the recipes, songs n the art works. Keep it going dear. Good luck. Awaiting pics of many more of your innovative creations. Hugs to master Ad.

  2. Thank u dear...sure will keep u posted on my work :)

  3. Hi! I'm Anjali Vaidya. Just Warli Lover like you.... Your This painting is very much similar to my posted on fineart america painting....

  4. Hi anjali... i just googled the pic and got it ...did not knew it was your work...very impressive and amazing ...u inspired me.. thank u so much ;;would love to add ur name to it